Friday, May 29th, 2020

Google AdWords Call Metrics Adding $1 Charge for Calls


Google AdWords has alerted advertisers using call metrics of an added $1 charge whenever a desktop or laptop user manually dials one of the unique numbers Google automatically inserts into your ad. There is no change to the charges for clicks from high-end mobile devices.


Also noteworthy is news that “calls to your Google forwarding number will be factored into Ad Rank calculations, which determine an ad’s position and cost per click. You’ll be able to influence your ad position by specifying a bid per call greater than $1.00 USD — similar to increasing your max CPC bid today.”

Two other reporting changes in the works:

  • Detailed call statistics, (e.g., call duration and origin area code), are moving to the Dimensions tab from the Campaigns tab.
  • Call summary reporting will be available at the ad group and campaign level.

These changes could roll out as early as May 16, according to the email.

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