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3 Ways Get More Twitter Followers Via @Compete #SESNY Tweetwall


Better late than never! We’re a bit behind on some of our post SES content as we make the final few changes to the new Search Engine Watch (SEW) site. SES New York attendees got a glimpse of the new SEW logo and those at the Black/Hat White Hat Unconference event also got a sneak peak of our shiny new website. Both seem to have been warmly received.

We’re still polishing the bells and whistles on the new site, so whilst you are waiting for that, you might want to connect with attendees from SES New York, via our Tweetwall which was sponsored by Compete. Here are the Tweetstats from the event.

Total Users: 1,901
The number of twitter users who tweeted about the event.

Total Tweets: 9,384
Total number of tweets sent during the event.

Total Followers: 3,791,338
The combined number of followers from people who tweeted.

Total Reach: 27,756,037
The number of people who were exposed to tweets about the event.

Top 10 Tweeters from SES New York
These people tweeted the most on the #sesny hashtag, funneling wisdom to and from the crowd.

This year was particularly fun as a number of people seemed to be running competition’s between each other to get top of the leaderboard. Be sure to expect our team to develop that idea further at the next SES shows!

1. @beebow
2. @compete
3. @KJalivay
4. @SocialMichelleR
5. @jennita
6. @JohnMNBarnes
7. @dominik_johnson
8. @aschottmuller
9. @lauraroth
10. @NJdoc

Checkout the full list of the Top 50 Tweeters.

Most Followed From SES New York Crowd

This metric looks at everyone who tweeted on the #SESNY hashtag and cross references them against each others followers, in order to get a sense of who has a ‘tribe’ at SES. As often proves to be the case, many people who make this leaderboard may not have attended SES but participated in the conversation on Twitter, helping to influence and shape it.

It’s an interesting reflection of how Twitter acts as a kind of ‘social glue’ which binds the offline and online community together. The top 10 ‘tribal leaders’ at SES were:

1. @tim_ash
2. @copyblogger
3. @JordanKasteler
4. @SEOmoz
5. @JoannaLord
6. @dmscott
7. @btabke
8. @storyspinner
9. @graywolf
10. @TheGrok

Checkout the full list of 50 SES New York Tribal Leaders.

Follow Suggestion Tool

Another way to connect with SES New York Attendees is to enter your Twitter details into our follow suggestion tool. This tool looks at who you are following at SES and suggests people that your friends are following that you are not – use it to reduce the black spots on your radar.


Catchup with Coverage From The Event

There are still quite a few ‘wrap-up’ blog posts coming out from the event, so we’re updating our main coverage pages with the new links. If you find any stories that have not been added to here, or to the daily coverage (bulleted out below), please leave a message in the comments and we’ll link it all up.

Post Conference Write-ups

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