Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Will Eisner Birthday Google Doodle Celebrates the Father of the Graphic Novel


Will Eisner was a highly praised graphic artist and comic writer. is celebrating what would have been his 94th birthday with a logo praising his work.


Widely consided to be the father of the graphic novel, the annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards — better known as the Eisners — are celebrated in his namesake every year at Comi-Con.

Eisner’s most famous for his character and comic series “The Spirit,” a detective who comes back from beyond to continue to fight crime. The Spirit is depicted prominently in the Doodle, with the character’s two masked eyes comprising the double o’s in the Google logo. The character lives on in a DC comics series relaunched in 2008. The Spirit was also turned into a live-action movie that same year.

Will Eisner is not related to the former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner. However, there have been some controversy over the similarities of Walt Disney’s and Will Eisner’s signatures.

This Doodle is only appearing in selected countries (Australia, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Israel, Romania, Russia, and Taiwan). Expect this to show up in the U.S. on Google as soon as it becomes March 6 where you live.

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