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The Significant Seven: Top Videos from SES New York 2011


If you attended SES New York 2001, then you probably saw the opening keynote, about 20 percent of the 70+ sessions, and a big batch of the almost 80 exhibitors and sponsors. If you didn’t attend the leading search and social marketing event, then you can still watch what could be called, “The Significant Seven,” the top videos from last week’s must-attend event.

The top video in this curated list is entitled, “Twitter assumptions are mistaken, according to Duncan Watts, Yahoo! Research Scientist.” Mike Grehan, VP, global content director, with Incisive Media, interviews SES New York 2011 keynoter, Duncan Watts, Yahoo! Research Scientist.

Next, check out the video interview, “Microsoft Bing Search reinforces content is king at SES New York.” Anne Kennedy, Beyond Ink, interviews Duane Forrester, Bing, and Rob Garner, iCrossing, on the future of search at SES New York 2011.

Meanwhile, over in the Expo Hall, one of the new exhibitors was blekko. To get an idea of what the proponent of “slashtag search” was talking about in his booth, watch “Blekko, the search engine disrupter at SES New York 2011.” Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews Rich Skrenta, CEO of Blekko, on the exhibitor floor at SES New York 2011.

Several videos were featured in the presentation by Jeffrey Harmon, Chief Marketing Officer at Orabrush, during the session, “Social Media Solutions on a Budget.” The newest is “iPad 2 PUNKED! (Parody by Orabrush).” Note: All of the characters are played by the same actor.

Mel Carson, the Microsoft Advertising Community Manager at Microsoft Advertising, (which seems like a job title created by the Department of Redundancy Department), interviewed Stefan Weitz, the chief Bing evangelist and spokesperson. Check out his video intervie, “Stefan Weitz from Bing on Social Signals, Bing Mobile & Real-Time Search at #SESNY.”

During the session on “Next Gen YouTube Marketing,” Seth Barron, Sr. Advertising Solutions Managers for Google | YouTube ZOO, showed a number of videos, including “NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear!” Hint: Watch all the way to the end of the video.

Last but not least, Kristjan Mar Hauksson, Founder and Director of Search & Online Communications at Nordic eMarketing, showed the “Inspired by Iceland Video” during the session on “Search, PR and the Social Butterfly.” The campaign was created after last year’s volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallaj√∂kull to let tourists know how to enjoy their visit to Iceland, “safe and secure!”

Now, if you want more details, you should also read Danny Goodwin’s curated roundup of live blogging and coverage: SES New York 2011 Day 1 Coverage #SESNY, SES New York 2011 – Day 2 Coverage #SESNY, and SES New York 2011 – Day 3 Coverage #SESNY.

Of course, there is no substitute for actually attending the event. So, maybe you should do that next year.

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