Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Marin Integrates Criteo Site Retargeting Into PPC Bid Management Platform


Billed as an industry first, but sure to cause consternation amongst other agencies who offer similar services, Marin Software has partnered with Criteo, a world leader in “personalized” retargeting. Criteo currently traffic $2 billion worth of online inventory from over a thousand customers, serviced by 200 employees. It’s not an exclusive partnership, but it will be a time-saver for Marin customers who are already buying retargeted inventory and could be a boon for Criteo’s transatlantic ambitions as they are currently more well known in Europe than the USA.

Personalized retargeting is the process by which it is possible to reach non-converting visitors to you site. Ads to product pages that users have visited but can be targeted to the same user over a period of 30-90 days – via a backfill advertising network. The combination of display with paid search has been shown to be effective in increasing likelihood to click through both organic and paid search results and willingness to buy on site, according to a recent study by iProspect.

Marin Retargeting Workflow - 1.png

The partnership promises to make it easier to measure the impact of site-retargeting on paid search campaigns and manage it all within one user-interface (UI).

The advantages of this are that Marin customers will be able to:

  • Report on search and retargeting within the same UI.
  • Use one analytics page tag for tracking both features.
  • Bid on site-retargeted inventory in a similar way to paid search – namely, bidding on margins or return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) goals.

Multi-Channel Path Analysis.png

Other technology led agencies such as SearchIgnite have also aimed to make buying display media more similar to PPC. The strategy is useful for big brands managing large advertising spends as it leverages the same skills across new disciplines. Marin’s latest partnership signals the latest online advertising ‘market’ within which you can buy and manage your account via their platform – Google, Bing, Facebook and now Criteo. The service will be rolled out in beta and on general release to Marin customers in the summer.

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