Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Google Panda Update Shifts Estimated $1 Billion in Revenue to Large Publishers


google-panda2.pngThe rich are getting richer, thanks to ’s Panda Update. The Online Publishers Association, boasting members such as ESPN, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, estimates that ’s latest algorithm change has shifted $1 billion in annual revenue to larger web properties, according to

Backing up these findings is recommendation service Outbrain, maker of a widget used on 91 “premium publisher sites” including USA Today, The Daily Beast and Newsweek, Slate, iVillage, Slate, and The Boston Globe. Traffic to these sites increased by 48 percent.

Vertical categories getting the biggest traffic boost were:

  • Entertainment: 126 percent
  • Sports: 94 percent
  • Tech: 74 percent
  • Finance: 42 percent
  • News: 36 percent

After analyzing a set of keywords this week, Conductor has found that the SERPs are more volatile, indicating that the Panda Update is ongoing and some sites may experience a yo-yo effect.


Fifteen percent of keywords dropped by three or more positions this week — however, they also noted that the average distance keywords are moving continues trending downward.

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