Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Google Group Messaging App’s Personal Disco Rooms Too Little?


The launch of – Google Slide’s group messaging app for smartphones seems like another social tool from the company denying its importance. Not that this one rocks the space and have people running to install.

“Called Disco, the minimalistic app offers group text messaging like Facebook’s Beluga, GroupMe and several others…. Users create a single number that everyone in their group can message to reach all other members of that group,” eWeek noted..


The product allows users to create personal groups of up to 25 members who can communicate amongst themselves to plan or discuss anything. The size is definitely limiting – it could have been so much more with even double the number in a group. School classes could have made use of it to share information. For intimate groups it functions like any other similar platform. The ” tips & tricks of Disco Chatting awesomeness,” as the site calls their FAQ page offers no surprises,

Disco links to Facebook to further its spread of launch, but also can gather information from your Facebook account – perhaps that is a reason for its launch. Google has few feeds in to Facebookj.

Until its adds more bells and whistles I see no driving reason to use it.

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