Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Google Finally Releases Page Speed for Chrome


finally released the Page Speed tool for Chome developer tools today.

The Page Speed tool, previously available for Firebug/, can be downloaded and installed as an additional component of Google Developer Tools.


Webmasters and site owners can use “dev tools” and Firebug to assess, benchmark, and even receive recommendations for quality standards in code, page speed, and external resources.

Page Speed for Google Chrome has the same key features as the Firebug add-on with two new improvements.

We’ve improved scoring and suggestion ordering to help web developers focus on higher-potential optimizations first. Plus, because making the web faster is a global initiative, Page Speed now supports displaying localized rule results in 40 languages! These improvements are part of the Page Speed SDK, so they will also appear in the next release of our Firefox add-on as well.

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