Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Google Awestruck In Presence Of Royalty


The official Royal Wedding site launched this week and Google custom search was incorporated much to the glee of the Google Custom Search blog.

royal site.JPG

“The website is the official information hub for anyone interested in the Royal Wedding, and if you browse the website you might notice something familiar: instant, crisp, and relevant search results powered by Google.”

Google Earth has also gotten in to the wedding fever, creating a 3D route the wedding party will take to get to Buckingham Palace following the event at Westminster Abbey.

With this new 3D data covering the royal procession route, you can indulge yourself in a “royals’-eye” view to see the same sights that William and Catherine will see. Upon departing Westminster Abbey, you’ll pass the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the famous ministries on Whitehall and the Prime Minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street. Traverse Horse Guards Parade, and from there, you can travel down The Mall–with 3D trees lining the route–and see Buckingham Palace standing proudly at the finish.

This new 3D imagery isn’t limited to the royal parade route. Thousands of buildings are available, so people from around the globe can digitally experience the beauty of London. You can view buildings such as the British Museum, a treasure trove of historical artifacts, Goodge Street tube station, where General Eisenhower commanded allied forces in WWII, and Shaftesbury Avenue, the historical theatre district of London,” the Google LatLong blog posted,

The British Royal family has long held a global mystique and Google has obviously come under its sway.

“We’re thrilled to be assisting St. James’s Palace with their website search engine. Our congratulations to the happy couple!” Rajat Mukherjee, Group Product Manager posted – his name suggests he may have grown up in a country once ruled by the British Empire – but so were a lot of us.

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