Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Corn Beef And Cabbage Hottest Search Term Day Before St. Pats


St Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and in preparation many people seem to be using Google to find out how to cook corn beef and cabbage. No doubt this may be the biggest day so far for the new Google Recipes filter.

hot searches.JPG
Looking at the cities searching for St Patrick’s Day the leading city is Herndon, Va. While there was a Civil War battle fought there on St Patrick’s Day in 1863, the reason it tops the city list is more likely that it is also the headquarters of AOL and the visits could be aggregated through that IP address.

city interest.JPG

The recipe searches for corn beef and cabbage is the first major holiday meal to see the Google Recipe filter. I will definitely be asking them how much use it got when Google attends the SES NY conference next week.

corn beef and cabbage.JPG

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