Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

comScore, Nielsen Battling Over Online Measurement Patents


The two leading online measurement companies are in court fighting over patent infringements, the Wall Street Journal reported.

filed a counter suit against Holdings and its Netratings division in a United States District Court alleging infringement of patent rights, comScore revealed in a regulatory filing on Tuesday. is claiming that comScore violated its patent rights and filed a lawsuit on March 16 in a U.S. District Court..”

Both companies provide the numbers for online traffic that many use to determine success and growth numbers. The search engine market share, the time people spend at given websites and market share of online traffic for numerous industries are some of the important numbers both provide.

These numbers are used by investment analyists as well as those in the industries themselves to make future action decisions. “Their findings, considered the currency of Internet advertising, are used to set ad rates based on the number of people visiting a website,” the Wall Street Journal noted.

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