Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Bing Windfall? Facebook Testing Web Search Box


If the report by – an unofficial watchdog of all things Facebook – is true, the company’s addition of a web search box at the top of their pages could give Bing a windfall of searches soon.

UPDATE: Facebook Issues statement search box is not theirs – must be malware. (See full statement below pictured addition through malware).

facebook search.JPG

“We are not testing the placement of a separate web search field and have no plans to do so. We believe the second search field or “Search the Web” box appeared on peoples’ accounts as the result of unknown actions by a third party targeting the browser (potentially a browser plugin or malware) unrelated to Facebook.

If people think their browser may have been affected by malware, we offer a remediation process which includes a free browser-based virus scanning tool built by McAfee. Users are required to run this Scan and Repair tool and clean their machines of malware before accessing their account.”

“Given that Facebook is looking to ramp up their revenue as they near an IPO, a dramatic search deal between Facebook and Microsoft would not be out of the question,” the blog noted.

No doubt Bing would pay a serious amount of money for access to the 500 million plus members’ search queries when using Facebook. It is this type of deal that would dramatically increase Bing’s market share of search.

Between the addition of Questions to help let friends answer questions you may go to Google to find answer, this test box must be a serious shot across the Google bow.

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