Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Bing Tests New Homepage Layout


’s homepage may be getting a new look — and the new layout is a bit reminiscent of Google’s current homepage.

Rather than having the vertical links to Images, Videos, etc. at left on top of their background picture, in this test Bing has moved those links to the top of the screen and arranged them horizontally (but thankfully doesn’t follow Google’s lead with a “More” pulldown).

“We’re always experimenting with new user experiences. These shots looks like ‘flights’ that we run with small percentages of users to gauge how successful/unsuccessful our ideas are,” said Bing Director Stefan Weitz.

Here are the images (via Microsoft News). Click on any image for a larger version. First, the new layout:


The current Google design for comparative purposes:


And here’s the current Bing design for the majority of users (and what I see on Bing):


Bing is also testing a new header on search results:


And here’s what I currently see for the same image search:


What do you think about these alternative Bing layouts? Better? Worse? Too much like Google? Let us know in the comments.

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One Response to “Bing Tests New Homepage Layout”
  1. Tararampam says:

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    It is a blow to its loyal customers. There was nothing wrong with the old layout. This new one is toally confusing. When we type the words and see the results, we don’t expect to type the words in one corner of the page and to move around the eyes again to see the results in a different side of the page. The white lane on the page containing web, shopping, news is unnessary and distracting and are too far from the side of search results that makes the feature unfriendly. Well, even though microsoft has the loyal followers it hardly does something to improve thier spirit rather this kind of changes disturb their loyalty and faith. I hope to see the old style again.

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