Friday, February 28th, 2020

Bing News Jumps on the Tweet Train


Bing News is now streaming in results on the search pages sidebar. They are now displaying relevant tweets in the news results. It seems as though they are using tweets from any profile that contain the keyword(s) in the search query. By clicking on the “more updates” link, it will bring you to the social search where you will see the full stream of related tweets.


Twitter has become a valuable asset for every news delivery business, however the relevancy of tweets in Bing News is only as good as the users on Twitter. If users are spamming a keyword, Bing is not going to catch it.

I would say that this latest from Bing still only scratches the surface of the potential of Twitter. Mobile applications such as Flipboard bring greater usage out of Twitter by crawling links in tweets and extracting images and content from the destination web page. This means more data for users and a more streamlined user experience – why doesn’t Bing do that?

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