Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Bing Announces Live Deals – Available on Your Desktop and Phone


What’s always hot on the web? No matter where you are or how small a city it, what are users usually looking for? The answer is coupons.

is entering the coupon market by aggregating other coupon listings from many different networks. With over 200,000 deals in 14,000 cities and town all over the United States, since has parterned with to provide deals from ,, and Living Social, they are able to provide a valuable service right out of the gate.


Mobile users will be able to look up restaurants on the go, and Bing will simply note if any of the coupon sites currently have any live deals for the establishment. Not only that, mobile users can take advantage of the ‘nearby’ feature to see establishment close to where they are at that also offer live deals. They can also search by category for restaurants, hotels, entertainment, automotive, movies, and more. This is a great feature and can help users find a discount for whatever service they are looking for at that time.

Dealmap, Bing’s partner, is also excited about the new commercial relationship with Microsoft’s Bing. This relationship is a great deal for Bing as Dealmap’s is the biggest provider of location deals on the web. Bing is one of the 36 commercial distribution parterns of Dealmap’s program.

“The Dealmap®, the leading source for people to find and share local and daily deals, today announced that it has signed a commercial distribution agreement with Microsoft’s Bing. As part of this strategic collaboration, Microsoft Corp. is using The Dealmap’s DealExchange™ platform to publish local and daily deal content to consumers through Bing on the Web and on its mobile properties. Consumers can find local deals on Bing and Bing for mobile today, and The Dealmap and Microsoft will continue integrating local deal content into other relevant areas of the Bing network.”

The Bing deal feature seems to be still rolling out, but you can watch a demo of both products from the Bing team below:

<a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/;from=bingblogplayer_en-us_bing&#038;vid=2d427226-041b-40e8-ba91-5c1ae7a8130a&#038;from=en-us&#038;fg=dest');" href=";from=bingblogplayer_en-us_bing&#038;vid=2d427226-041b-40e8-ba91-5c1ae7a8130a&#038;from=en-us&#038;fg=dest" title="Bing Launches Deals">Video: Bing Launches Deals</a>

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