Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Before and After Images of Japan, Courtesy of Google and Yahoo


The awe of the devastation of the Japan earthquake and tsunami has been the subject of many searches over the past week. Many searchers are also looking for imagery of the areas of Japan affected.

Google has been working with their satellite imagery provider, GeoEye, to obtain new images of the areas most affected. Some of the images have been made available on the Google LatLong blog.

Before and after images of Japan Earthquake area

Yahoo also has also created their own compilation of before and after images of Japan.

Google’s plan is to send the images to emergency response teams and other response organizations to help assist with their efforts. Google Earth also has a Twitter account, @EarthOutreach to help provide faster information sharing and updates.

Google has also added custom maps of the Japan Earthquake areas. What’s unique about the map is that each of the pinpoints open to a bubble that not only describes the affected area, but also links to both a high-resolution image of the area and a downloadable KML file for you to explore in Google Earth.

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