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3 Ways To Get More Followers Via #SESuk Tweetwall


So SES London was a blast wasn’t it? More parties than any single year and a new venue slap bang in the heart of London should have given you plenty of opportunities to network with the buzzing search marketing industry in the UK.


If you forgot to print any business cards, or if paper just ain’t your style these days, then you might be pleased to know that you can follow everyone who contributed to the #sesuk conversation on Twitter via our SES London Tweetwall.

And if you were not able to attend this year, or live in a different part of the world, then you might find this tool a useful means to meet and connect with like minds who are partial to pints of beer and prone to peppering their writing with unnecessary letters such as ‘u’.

Top 10 Tweeters from SES London
These people tweeted the most on the #sesuk hashtag, funneling wisdom to and from the crowd. Leading the march in surfacing insight from the 3 days of sessions are listed below.
1. @acrylicwebsites
2. @adCenter
3. @SESConf
4. @Intendance
5. @Tracy_Falke
6. @lisabuyer
7. @NicholaStott
8. @Impact_Sam
9. @davidjmain
10. @UnicornRW

Checkout the full list of the Top 50 Tweeters.

Most Followed From SES London Crowd
This metric looks at everyone who tweeted on the #SESuk hashtag and cross references them against each others followers, in order to get a sense of who has a ‘tribe’ at SES. Interestingly, not everyone on the list attended SES but participated in the conversation on Twitter which, personally, i think is an interesting reflection of how Twitter acts as a kind of ‘social glue’ for the community in general. The top 10 ‘tribal leaders’ at SES were:

1. @willcritchlow
2. @DaveNaylor
3. @seoptimise
4. @mikegrehan
5. @JoannaButler
6. @state_ofsearch
7. @JonDMyers
8. @rishil
9. @Szetela
10. @paddymoogan

Checkout the full list of 50 SES London Tribal Leaders.

Follow Suggestion Tool
Another way to connect with SES London Attendees is to enter your Twitter details into our follow suggestion tool. This tool looks at who you are following at SES and suggests people that your friends are following that you are not – think of it as a nifty trick to identify their sources of wisdom!


Other Nifty Things From SES London
There was a tonne of coverage from the event on lots of different blogs. If you need a refresher or a perspective on the information shared then checkout all the links in our roundup posts below:

SES London 2011 – Day 1 Coverage #SESUK
SES London 2011 – Day 2 Coverage #SESUK
SES London 2011 – Day 3 Coverage #SESUK

Here are some highlights from other blogs after the event:

An awesome behemoth of a post on the Wordtracker blog: 301 takeaways and top tips from SES London

A wrap-up of the event from Lee Odden from TopRank Online Marketing Blog, Make the Most Out of Marketing Conferences: SES London 2011 Wrap-Up

A video from State of Search which has a sneaky competition embedded within!

Finally, be sure to checkout the followup to SES tribute to Jaamit Durrani – a new site called which was launched at the SES London Black Hat / White Hat #shareitlikejaamit Unconference. It’s a lot of fun and, just like the person remembered, celebrates some crazy and creative link building tactics in a totally unique search marketing competition. More details about the competition to follow!

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