Saturday, February 29th, 2020

Yahoo Officially Ends MyBlogLog


After announcing what they called the sunset of various properties, today announced the end date of MyBlogLog is May 24, 2011 and recommended users move to Pulse.

Yahoo made the announcement to its users via an email to their user base and by a giant yellow notice at the top of users’ profiles. Those who paid for premium services will no longer be charged “after May 24, 2011″ and Yahoo will refund “the unused portion of your subscription, if any.”


Interestingly enough, it is still possible to create a new MyBlogLog account.

Digging into the help area, Yahoo mentions that all content will be deleted and no longer accessible after the shutdown. If you have a MyBlogLog account, Yahoo is advising users to go through your account and save anything they want to keep. Contacts, emails, blog subscriptions will all be gone after the service closes.

For more information on how to migrate your contacts and information, visit the MyBlogLog help pages.

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