Friday, February 28th, 2020

Oscar 2011 Predictions: Can Search Trends Tell Us Who Will Win?


It’s that time of year again! The lists are out and the voting has begun.

side_oscar.jpgNo, I’m not talking about the Academy, I’m talking about the search engines. For the past few years, speculation about Oscar winners and search trends have grown.

Last year, noted all the hot search trends that occurred during the annual awards show. This year, Google created an entire Oscar Search Trends Web site to help people track the would-be winners.

But Google isn’t the only one. has their own Academy Awards search trend list. While it’s not based on search trends, Yahoo offers a predicted winners site of their own based on Yahoo user input.

The lists are quite different, too:

For Best Picture, Yahoo trends favor’s Black Swan and True Grit. Google’s trends favors The Social Network, followed by Black Swan.

For Best Actor, Yahoo trends toward Javier Bardem, while Google trends say James Franco.

For Best Actress, both sites’ trends agree on Natalie Portman.

Who will win — Yahoo! or Google? Do you think search trends will predict the winner?

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