Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Guillermo González Camarena Inventor Of Color TV Gets Google Doodle


Guillermo González Camarena invented the color TV and he was born in Mexico February 17, 1917 and Google Mexico has a Doodle to honor his work. Color TV was a major social change worldwide – so it gives cause to wonder why it was just a change to the Mexico logo.

google doodle mexico.JPG

Camarena was an impressive inventor. who originally worked in radio after graduating from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers (ESIME) at the National Polytechnic Institute. He filed his patent for the “Chromoscopic adapter for television equipment”, an early color television transmission system in the United States.

With all of the claims that Google is engaging with the protests for freedom in the Middle East – two of their employees were active in the Egyptian overthrow of the government – it would have been nice to see Google use this Doodle to also highlight the contributions the Mexican people have made to the U.S. and the modern world.

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