Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Google Plans To Audit Adwords Resellers, Agencies


If you act as a Google reseller or manage customers’ Adwords accounts, Google will be starting audits and checking if you are sending out – at a minimum – monthly reports with spend, click and impression information, the Adwords blog reported. The audits will begin April 1st.

“Today we want to inform you that we’ve updated AdWords policies with a third-party policy section that includes above reporting and disclosure requirements. We’ve also clarified enforcement and non-compliance handling, as well as let advertisers know how to contact us if they have any complaints about third parties.”

“For example, let’s say that ABC Agency is managing AdWords campaigns for their client, Joe’s Plumbing. In July, the AdWords account for Joe’s Plumbing accrues 1,400 clicks on 12,000 impressions for an AdWords cost of $700 (the exact amount charged by AdWords). ABC Agency will be required to provide a report to Joe’s Plumbing that shows AdWords cost and performance at the account level:

Joe’s Plumbing — AdWords report for July 2010
Clicks: 1,400
Impressions: 12,000
Cost: $700″

Google is also adding a complaint form for clients who have problems with their management companies. So, all those people who are overseeing anyone else’s Adwords spend, it is time to review the requirements, so you are not found to be an April Fool.

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