Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Google Outsourcing Spam Checking To You, Could Be Abused


Google announced today that they have added a new extension to their Chrome browser that allows you to block sites from their search results. And “the extension also sends blocked site information to Google, and we will study the resulting feedback and explore using it as a potential ranking signal for our search results,” their Official Blog reported.

The launch seems a little too quick to be a response to the recent New York Times article criticizing the positions of JC Penney written for the Sunday edition.

The extension blocks any results coming from that domain, Google notes. Given they may use it as part of their ranking algorithm, Google will no doubt be keeping a real close eye on it. This one could be open to abuse, as Google’s Matt Cutts is no doubt already dreading.

chrome block.JPG

You can change it back by editing your blocked list. One has to wonder if people can say they blocked a site and get site owners pleading to change it back.

chrome block edit.JPG

The extension can be grabbed in the Google App store.

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