Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Google Creates Work Around For Blocked Egyptian Tweeters


As protests continue and the Egyptian government blocks access to the internet, created a workaround over the weekend so people can access via phone calls and leave updates, the company’s official blog announced.

“Like many people we’ve been glued to the news unfolding in Egypt and thinking of what we could do to help people on the ground. Over the weekend we came up with the idea of a speak-to-tweet service–the ability for anyone to tweet using just a voice connection,” the blog reported.

Working with Twitter and Google’s newly acquired SayNow, the company has set up three phone numbers where people can call and leave Twitter posts. The numbers, outside Egypt, are in three countries – the United States, Bahrain and Italy (+16504194196, +97316199855 and +390662207294 respectively). The numbers can also call the numbers to hear Tweets.

“We hope that this will go some way to helping people in Egypt stay connected at this very difficult time. Our thoughts are with everyone there,” the blog states. The last sentence, perhaps, includes the Egyptian Google employee, Wael Ghonim, who has been missing for five days.

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