Sunday, June 24th, 2018

35% of Viewers Watch Skippable YouTube TrueView Ads [Report]


Some early results are in on YouTube TrueView video ads, the cost-per-view skippable ad model launched back in December. In a beta test conducted by one of the first TrueView advertisers — sports camera-maker GoPro — 35 percent of viewers who were served GoPro ads watched them in their entirety, according to a ClickZ report.

The company’s four-month beta test began in October. GoPro ran 30-, 90- and 120-second ads consisting of footage shot by athletes using its cameras.

YouTube sells TrueView advertising on an auction basis, similar to search and YouTube’s other formats. YouTube determines the placement of ads.

More details are available in “Early Results Roll In for YouTube’s New In-Stream Ads” by ClickZ.

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