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34.7 Million Internet Users in the U.K. Watched 6 Billion Videos in November 2010


With SES London 2011 just around the corner, comScore today announced that 34.7 million Internet users in the U.K. watched 6 billion in November 2010. That’s an average of 173 a month per British viewer.*

During November 2010, nearly 964 million viewing sessions took place in the U.K., resulting in an average of 6 videos viewed per session. This is important because that Brits — like Yanks — snack on half a dozen clips a session.

Only on that side of the pond, they’d compare that to eating “crisps,” while on this side of the pond, we’d compare that to munching “chips.” Or, as George Bernard Shaw once observed, “England and America are two countries divided by a common language.”

In the U.K., Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top video content property with 428 million viewing sessions during the month and 30.4 million unique viewers. In the U.S., is also the top video site.

In the U.K., BBC Sites with 46.8 million viewing sessions ranks #2 and Vevo with 41.4 million sessions ranks #3. In the U.S., Vevo and AOL Inc., which acquired 5min in September, rank #2 and #3 in viewing sessions, respectively.

In November 2010, Brits viewed 527 million video ads. And in Old Blighty, the top video ad properties by unique video viewers that month were: SpotXchange Video Network reaching 7.2 million unique viewers, Google Sites reaching 5.8 million viewers, and Joost Video Network reaching 5.8 million viewers.

By comparison, Americans viewed more than 5.4 billion video ads in November. And in the States, the top video ad properties by reach that month were: ScanScout Network at 44.3 percent, BrightRoll Video Network at 41.5 percent and Break Media at 39.9 percent.

So, there are similarities and differences in the online video markets on either side of the pond. That’s what makes video marketing both a global and a local opportunity and challenge.

For more details, check out the Video Search Optimisation session at SES London 2011. The moderator will be Jon Myers, SES Advisory Board member and Head of Account Management, Yahoo! & Ireland, and the speakers are Paul Carff, Sr., Developer Advocate, Google Inc., and Will Critchlow, Founder and Chief Strategist, Distilled.

* now distinguishes between ‘content videos’ and ‘video ads’. In this instance the term ‘videos’ refers to ‘content videos’ rather than ads.

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