Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Terminated Google Ad Resellers In China On Hunger Strike


Has the loss of their income from Google left them with not enough money for food, or are the terminated Google ad resellers protesting their dismissal with a hunger strike? According to PC World, 40 of the employees of the ad resellers companies impacted by Google’s decision are on strike,

Google notified the seven companies in China that they would no longer be able to reseller their ads and over 200 of their employees began protesting outside Google’s office in Shanghai.

“Employees from Google’s former advertising resellers removed the front door to one of Google’s offices in Shanghai Tuesday evening and staged a sit-in protest after a female employee of one of the resellers surnamed Wang passed out in the hallway outside.

The employee was sent to Huangpu District Central Hospital. “She was on a hunger strike in a hallway that is not well-ventilated,” said a woman surnamed Chen from one of the seven resellers,” the Global Times reported.

“The protesters have been gathering outside the Google offices since Monday to demand compensation and an apology after Google China terminated its contracts with their employers on October 27.

About 200 protesters occupied the office. The hallway outside was littered with blankets and makeshift cots as protesters prepared to stay overnight.

According to Chen, the protesters removed the office’s front door because they were angry and wanted to have better ventilation”.

Electricity to the area has been cutoff and have security keeping an eye on the situation.

Google made comment in an email stating: “We do not discuss individual cases, but there are a variety of reasons why we choose to end relationships with certain partners. In all cases, we do so lawfully and in line with the terms of our contract,” Google added. “We hope to find new resellers to partner with so we can provide even better service to our advertisers.”

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