Sunday, November 18th, 2018

November Linkscape Index Update Live (and new Linkscape WordPress Plugin)


Posted by randfish

Tonight, our 33rd Linkscape update launched. You’ll find new link data in OpenSiteExplorer, the mozBar, Linkscape classic,  the Link Intersect Tool and the SEOmoz API.

Post from October with Link Data
E.g. this post from mid-October now has link data in OSE

This update represents data crawled from the middle of October to the start of November – processing was unfortunately delayed by Amazon (weirdly, EC2 didn’t have machines available due to a "pre-holiday rush"). We’re aware of these issues and will be taking precautions to make sure December’s index update goes smoothly.

Stats for this index:

  • 40,605,301,071 (40 Billion) Pages
  • 425,695,258 (425 Million) Subdomains
  • 103,776,906 (103 Million) Root Domains
  • 395,851,127,399 (395 Billion) Links
  • 2.10% of All Links are Nofollowed (up 0.06% from October)
    • 56.99% are internal (down from 57.15% in October
    • 43.01% are external (up from 42.85% in October)
  • 5.88% of pages have rel=canonical (up from 5.42% in October)
  • 62.28 links/page on average (down from 62.35 in October)

I’m also excited to say we’ve got the nascent beginnings of a WordPress Plugin powered by Linkscape now available. There’s just a few features today, but we’d like your help to tell us what would be valuable, useful and interesting to have in the WordPress tool.

Linkscape Plugin for WordPress
Still in alpha stages, but showing links + top pages in the admin panel

The plugin was built using just the FREE SEOmoz API. This is a very early version, and there may be some bugs, still, but if you have suggestions or feature ideas, please leave them in the comments!

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