Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Google Protest in China: Dropped Ad Resellers Go On Hunger Strike


A group of AdWords resellers who saw their contracts terminated a couple months ago are protesting at Google’s Shanghai offices. They want an apology and the equivalent of $7 million (U.S.) in compensation, PCWorld reported.

About 40 of the roughly 200 protesters have gone on a hunger strike.

“Our companies have been working with Google to sell only their online advertisements. For the last four to five years we’ve been growing as a company and working with them,” said Fan Meiyong, the group’s representative. “But we don’t know why they suddenly wanted to end the partnerships. Now it’s difficult for us to operate as a business.”

Google stands by its decision, adding that they “do not discuss individual cases, but there are a variety of reasons why we choose to end relationships with certain partners. In all cases, we do so lawfully and in line with the terms of our contract.”

Google is finding it more difficult to sell ads due to a dropping search share in China.

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