Monday, July 6th, 2020

Google Sites Account for 6.4% of All Global Internet Traffic


is huge, and it continues to shatter records. This month, broke an Internet traffic record, and the search giant now represents about 6.4 percent of all global Internet traffic, according to Arbor Networks Security.

Google is so big now that, if it were an ISP, it would be the second largest carrier in the world.

Arbor reported that Google is growing considerably faster than overall Internet volumes, which are already increasing between 40 and 45 percent each year. Since January, Google has gained more than 1 percent of all Internet traffic share, much of it thanks to YouTube’s growth.

Here’s a graph Arbor provided, showing Google as a percentage of all Internet traffic:


Arbor gets its data from more than 110 ISPs in 17 countries.

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