Friday, February 28th, 2020

comScore ARS Research Highlights Importance of Advertising Creative in Building Brand Sales


Yesterday, comScore released findings from comScore ARS research indicating the importance of strong creative elements in TV and digital advertising campaigns.

The findings show that creative quality drives more than half of the sales changes for brands analyzed, four times higher than the impact of the specific media plan involved.

“Through our copy-testing measurement, we are able to quantify the quality of a campaign and show a 0.90 correlation between ARS Persuasion Scores and changes in brand sales. Based on our years of research in this space, we’ve determined that the quality of the creative is four times more important than the characteristics of the media plan in generating sales,” said Jeff Cox, executive vice president of comScore ARS.

“In fact, creative is the single most important factor and accounts for over half the changes in a brand’s sales over time. Getting the creative right is absolutely essential, and yet its importance so often gets minimized in the process of developing an ad campaign. Now is the time for advertisers using digital, as well as more traditional media, to get serious about optimizing their creative on the front end so they don’t get a rude awakening when the ads don’t work and they are left wondering what went wrong,” he added.

Additional comScore ARS research demonstrates just how important it is to get the creative strategy right from the start. For a variety of campaigns, comScore ARS scored the campaign’s upfront creative strategy, using the campaign’s basic value proposition as a proxy. The research categorized the results of each campaign into below-average, average and above-average relative to the comScore ARS Fair Share Benchmark, which averages the ARS Persuasion Score resulting from copy-tests for a variety of campaigns to provide industry norms. The actual campaign execution was then scored, using the comScore ARS standard copy-testing methodology, again categorizing each campaign into below-average, average and above-average relative rankings.

An evaluation of the impact of the creative strategy’s score on the resulting execution helps to shed light on the value of a strong, upfront creative strategy. Study findings showed that among campaigns with an above-average creative strategy, 70 percent resulted in an above-average execution. Similarly, among campaigns with a below-average creative strategy, 65 percent resulted in a below-average creative execution. Zero campaigns with a below-average creative strategy score performed above-average on creative execution.

“Though often overlooked, getting the creative strategy right from the start is essential if an advertiser wants its creative execution to actually perform,” added Cox. “Doing so will improve the likelihood of achieving a successful campaign that will generate increased sales. A sub-par upfront strategy is a virtual guarantee that the execution is destined for failure.”

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