Friday, May 29th, 2020

News Picks: Search Heads Leave Yahoo; Bing Maps; Google Search History


An overview of some of today’s search, ad, tech news


Yahoo Y logo.JPG Yahoo is forging on in its management reshuffle process. Following the steps of Larry Cornett, it’s now Srinija Srinivasan’s turn to leave the company after 15 years of service. She was the fifth employee Yahoo had hired at the time and has become “the most powerful person in search,” according to Search Engine Land who also reported on the departure of Tim Mayer from the company. Prior to Yahoo, Mayer had “worked for practically every search engine,” the report said.

With the Search Alliance, Yahoo is outsourcing its search activities to Microsoft’s engine. The move will, no doubt, enable the Sunnyvale company to focus on content.


Bing.JPG Meanwhile, Yahoo’s Search Alliance partner Bing is focusing on enhancing user experience by launching new map features to give a “sexy” look and feel… It has brushed up its maps appearance with bright colors, new labels AND dynamic labels in beta version. The company is also boosting its global presence by improving user experience in Central and Eastern Europe, Oceania and Asia. Those enhancements come on top of the launch of the OpenStreetMap (OSM) mapping application, designed for visitors to layer geographic (local and regional) facts and data on Bing Maps. OSM crowdsources updates and additional information for the maps.

Google logo.JPG Google has also been working on user experience and has launched its Search History link for queries conducted on mobile devices. In a blog post the company explains that using the functionality will simply require adjusting settings to enable Search History.

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