Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Marin Software Announces Applications for Managing Facebook Ads


Marin Software today announced advanced applications for Advertising at SES San Francisco. Marin Search Marketer now offers advertisers and agencies the ability to manage Facebook Ads alongside paid search programs on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Advanced solutions for Facebook include algorithmic bidding, audience segmentation, and ad rotation features.

Although managing and optimizing large-scale advertising programs on Facebook can be a time consuming task, Marin Software now addresses these inefficiencies through integration with the Facebook Ads API. This enables marketers to use Marin’s search marketing optimization and analytics tools to efficiently advertise to Facebook’s 500 Million users. With Marin, marketers can now consolidate the management, reporting, and optimization of their search and social marketing campaigns saving time and reducing the need for offline analysis in spreadsheets.

Bidding accurately on Facebook ads to meet performance or engagement goals is critical to success. However the process of calculating bids can be a time consuming and error prone. Marin Software’s bidding solution automates the bidding process for Facebook ads. Marketers have the ability to manage bids to a variety of business goals, including cost per lead, return on ad spend, margin, or even custom engagement metrics. In addition to automation, Marin bidding for Facebook allows users to manually override algorithmic bids at any time.

There is wealth of information about consumers in their Facebook profiles that can help marketers understand who is interacting with their ads. With Marin’s audience segmentation solution, marketers can automatically segment and report on a variety of consumer attributes. Campaigns can be segmented by gender, age, geography, or even likes and interests of key audiences.

“Ad Blindness” is also a common problem that advertisers need to address with Facebook ads. Facebook users are often served the same ad multiple times and become less and less likely to click trough and make purchases. Marin’s automated creative rotation feature changes ad images and copy on a regular basis. Marketers can prepare a variety of ad creative and use Marin Search Marketer to rotate them based on user defined rules.

Support for Facebook through Marin Search Marketer is now generally available. Marin Software has dozens of customers already using Marin Search Marketer to manage Facebook Ads, including Macy’s, Red Bricks Media, Trouve, and Razorfish.

“Using Marin Search Marketer to manage Facebook Ads has taken our reporting process from hours to minutes” said Luis Chacon, Marketing Strategist at Red Bricks Media. “I am able to generate custom reports on specific market-segments in just a few clicks instead of spending hours creating reports and filtering data offline”

For more information, go to Booth #621 in the SES San Francisco exhibit hall.

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