Sunday, July 12th, 2020

Search Agency Update – What Are Companies Up To?


Bits and bobs to keep up with search agency news: and Marin software with Google AdWords, , gShift Labs

Thumbnail image for Kenshoo.JPG Kenshoo, the provider of online demand generation solutions, said it won preferred API Pricing from Google’s AdWords for its Kenshoo Search and Kenshoo Local services. The agreement will translate into reduced API costs for Kenshoo clients who run paid search campaigns on AdWords. Marketers will be able “to experiment with new creative strategies and build more comprehensive campaigns to optimal scale” on both its platforms, it said.

Marin Software.JPG Similarly, Marin Software, the provider of paid search management application, also was approved by Google for preferred AdWords API pricing. “Delivering integration with Google that is not only comprehensive, but also cost-effective, is critical to meeting the needs of the world’s most demanding search marketers.” said CEO Chris Lien.

Reminder: Google had launched its AdWords’ Certfication program in April to reshape its relationships with marketers and agencies.

Magnetic.JPG Magnetic, the search data marketplace, said it appointed Mike Peralta Chief Operations Officer. Peralta was previously SVP, North American Advertiser Services at Platform A at AOL, the company said in a statement. His mission will be to “establish a presence in major markets to increase advertising spend with large scale marketers.”

Gshift labs.JPG gShift Labs, a young Toronto-based search marketing firm, said it won the Technology Leadership Award by Canada’s York Technology Association as “Most Promising Start-Up of the Year.” Congratulations to them.

Rentrak.JPG Rentrak, the provider of transactional media measurement and analytical services to the entertainment and media industries, said it won a contract from Gray Television Networks for tracking the performances of its local ABC and CBS stations in Kansas, Wichita and Topeka. Financial details of the deal were undisclosed. Rentrak aims to compete on the local market with Nielsen and provides “second-by-second data — and attendant insight into commercial-skipping — on a local level,” it said in a statement.

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