Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

WordTracker Partners With Majestic SEO To Create Link Building Intelligence Tool


Who doesn’t need or want good SEO? The good news is that now Wordtracker goes beyond keyword identification to provide link building management services thanks to its new partnership with competitive link intelligence firm Majestic SEO.

Wordtracker.JPGLink building is like keyword researching. Seems easy enough but once you really get into it, it becomes tough to properly manage on an ongoing basis..

The partnership with Majestic SEO allows Wordtracker to take customers one step further along the SEO path and to deliver its link builder tool to identify link prospects, i.e. “sites that provide the type of text-based inbound links that improve search engine rankings and bring direct visitors,” it said in a statement.

Beyond identifying link prospects, the Link Builder will also prioritize and classify them by campaign as well as keep track of targeted links. The tool is part of a suite of services the company readies to launch this year, it said.

According to Ken McGaffin, CMO at Wordtracker, “By analyzing competitor links and links to important blogs and news sites, you can quickly build a picture of an online community of websites around any specific topic or market sector. Influential websites in that online community provide the most beneficial links and should be the focus of any link building campaign.”

Wordtracker updates a database of over 330 million search terms every week and the link builder tool will draw on a database of over 1.8 trillion URLs from 150 million root domains.

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