Friday, June 5th, 2020

U.S. April Mobile Searches Get 90% Boost Via Apps, 50% Via Browsers; Social Networking Still Biggest


While social networking gained the most penetration in U.S. mobile market use in April, searches also recorded hefty increases, both via apps and browsers, according to freshly released comScore data.

Strong Growth Segments
Searches registered a 90% boost, both via app and browser access in April.

Just like last month, social networking led the pack, soaring 240% from a year ago via app access and 90% via browser access.

News access via apps grew 124% and edged 45% higher via browser.

Mobile banking gained 113% via app access and 69% via browser.

Online retail rose 91% via app access and 47% via browser access, showing increasing adoption of the mobile retail channel.

Smartphone Impact
According to , 78% of smartphone (defined “as a mobile device with the following operating systems: RIM, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Palm, Symbian”) users aged 3 years and more accessed their browsers in April 2010 and 80% accessed applications.

They drove a 111% growth in browser use and a 112% increase in application during the month.

What this means for brands and businesses

  • They have an opportunity to grow through the mobile channel and therefore have to be ready to invest more into their mobile brands.
  • In terms of branding, they need to take into account both applications and browser access for their customer experience.

More thoughts?

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