Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

New Product Launch by gShift Labs at SES Toronto 2010


gShift Labs is expected to announce new product features to their SEO platform this morning at SES Toronto 2010. That’s the second new product launch by an exhibitor at the event.


gShift’s flagship product, Web Presence Optimizer, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) SEO platform built for agencies and marketers that need to get control of their organic search efforts. There is nothing to install or download.

The company will announce several product enhancements to Web Presence Optimizer, including:

  • Downloadable PDF reports with agency and client logos.
  • The ability to add and track Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and Bit.Ly link performance.

“We know our client-ready reporting can save agencies 5 to 10 hours per month per client,” said Krista LaRiviere, Co-founder and CEO of gShift Labs, in a press release. “Instead of wasting valuable time gathering and compiling data to report back to clients, the gShift SEO platform, Web Presence Optimizer (WPO), takes away the manual processes surrounding reporting. WPO provides downloadable PDF’s with monthly comparisons of site factors and performance plus At-a-Glance views of site position, keywords, backlinks, analytics and competitor data.”

With social media being an important part of any online strategy today, the enhancement of tracking Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and link performance also allows agencies to track Mentions, Shares, Retweets and Page/Post views to determine which accounts and links are driving organic traffic.

gShift’s Web Presence Optimizer is able to track and manage all online activity associated with a website. Previously, marketing agencies stayed away from offering organic search services to clients because of the deep domain expertise required and the manual processes that had to be built to implement SEO. With gShift’s SEO platform, it not only becomes easier to deliver but creates more opportunities to sell other services because you spend less time figuring out SEO and have more time to implement strategies.

“gShift’s vision is to change the way people think of and perform organic search optimization,” said LaRiviere. “We have spent over a decade watching agencies do the heavy lifting of manually implementing SEO for their clients. gShift Labs has developed and patented a new way to automate the SEO process that will dramatically improve the optimization effort and results in one easy-to-use software platform.”

gShift is exhibiting at Booth #19 in the expo hall at SES Toronto 2010.

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