Sunday, June 16th, 2019

#SMSS10 – 3 Reasons You Need a YouTube Marketing Strategy


I’m told that Mercury was in retrograde until May 11. All I know is that was when I spoke at the Social Media Success Summit 2010 along with 24 of the world’s most respected social media experts.

If you want to check out what attendees that about “the web’s largest online social media conference,” conduct a search on for #.

For example, my presentation was entitled, “3 Reasons You Need a YouTube Marketing Strategy (and Tips to Help You Generate Results). More than 550 people participated in my half-hour long webinar.

And you’ll see that Joann Whetstine @howdoimarketbiz tweeted and Kathy Colaiacovo @timeontaskva re-tweeted my observation that “The top 10 jobs of 2010 did not exist in 2004″.

Jacob Peck @jacobLpeck tweeted and Donna Gilliland @MOSTraining re-tweeted my comment that 86% of US Internet users now view online video content every month.

And Nelson Wee @nelsonwee tweeted and both J Darren Lister @jdarrenlister and D Libb Rhett @socialEspeaking re-tweeted that “Greg Jarboe says not many yet have taken advantage of YouTube as a social media marketing channel.”


Now, I’m used to speaking at conferences like Search Engine Strategies, where I get a rough idea of what people thought of my presentation by talking with them after a session has ended or by looking at my scores on feedback forms. But I admit that it’s very useful to know which specific words and stats resonated with the audience in real time.

Usually Mercury retrograde means communication delays and mishaps. We need to prepare for glitches with computers, electronics, emails, files, and friends and business associates not responding promptly. There are often delays in getting contracts or agreements signed. It is a time to practice patience.

But I spoke as Mercury retrograde was ending. So, either I got lucky or my timing was perfect. Because I got instant feedback via Twitter that tells me there were no miscommunications. Cool.

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