Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

LinkedIn Integrates Video Posting Via SlideShare


LinkedIn said on its blog it is taking its integration of SlideShare technology one step further by adding videos through the social presentation platform.

LinkedIn and Slideshare videos.JPG

Expanding offer
“Our long-term vision is to embrace any format that professionals share content in,” the professional social network said, while warning that it would “add a new format that becomes popular with professionals”.

Video is best bet for future
This echoes the vision of Skype CEO Josh Silverman who, announcing the introduction of a 5-way video calling feature, said in a video interview with the Daily Telegraph, that he sees the “explosion” of video on the web as “the most exciting” thing happening on the Internet. For example, video calls account for over one third of all Skype calls, he indicated.

Uploading a video via SlideShare is easy too: the process is the same as usual, i.e. upload the SlideShare app, then go to the upload page.

We might hear more about this new feature as it could prove to be extremely successful for B2B marketing purposes. Are you going to start broadcasting videos into your Linkedin network?

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