Friday, May 29th, 2020

#ISSLON – Video Optimisation and YouTube Marketing


On Thursday, May 13, I spoke at the International Search Summit in London. If you want to see what attendees thought of the event, conduct a Twitter search for # and read through more than 15 pages of tweets.

Here’s my take — along with selected tweets that corroborate the facts. As Indiana Jones says in The Last Crusade, “If it’s truth you’re looking for, Dr. Tyree’s philosophy class is right down the hall.”

As andyatkinskruge @andyatkinskruge reported, “Feedback forms give the International Search Summit #ISSLON- it’s best ever ratings.”

And as alfox @alfox commented, “Hats off to WebCertain for the fantastic International Search Summit on Thursday. Great event.”

As g1smd @g1smd tweeted,

  • “And we’re off #ISSLON Quick intro from Andy Atkins-Kruger – the 10 fundamental rules of Int’l Search Marketing.”
  • “Followed rapidly by Steve Capone – Nokia – Managing an International Search Marketing campaign.”
  • “Armagard presentation was the best so far. Nice growth rates when expanding to 7 countries.”
  • “Anne Kennedy in for Shari Thurow (stuck behind #ashcloud) presenting Website Usability: The Scent of Information.”
  • “Gillian Muessig (SEOmoz) and Gariv on Search in India – lots of very interesting facts and information to take away.”
  • “Interesting presentation about YouTube from Bruce Daisley.”
  • “Fantastic presentation about International Video Optimisation by Greg Jarboe and interesting follow up from Andy Atkins-Kruger.”
  • “Jon Myers with fastest pace presentation of the day, a lot of information about The Google World. Optimising for Universal Search.”
  • “Oscar Carreras on Twitter – An Internastional Strategy.”
  • “Anne Kennedy with the final presentation of the day: Innovations Round-Up.”

As davide corradi @davidecorradi tweeted and Jon Myers @JonDMyers, Simon Heyes @bmmSimon, Janine Cross @J__9, Jenny Simpson @jennysimpson, Annabel Hodges @searchpanda, and ching-yun huang @chingyun re-tweeted, “the best takeaway at #ISSLon: YouTube to consider subtitles & text embedded within videos as a ranking factor in 3-6 months time.”

The above news nugget was unearthed during the Q&A following presentations by Daisley of YouTube, me, Atkins-Krüger of WebCertain, and Bas van den Beld of State of Search.


As Fusion Unlimited @fusionunlimited tweeted and Adido @adido re-tweeted, “Greg Jarboe’s YouTube optimisation presentation at #isslon was worth the admission price alone!”

And van den Beld posted “Optimising or optimizing for videos on YouTube: Greg Jarboe explains” to his State of Search blog.

Optimising or optimizing for videos on YouTube: Greg Jarboe explains

I guess that a plurality of the International Search Summit audience agreed with them, because I was selected in the first-past-the-post voting system for the very first “Medallion Speaker Award.”

Actually, the real credit belongs to Michael McNabb, CEO of New York-based, who let me share our success story of the Voyage Channel on YouTube ( He knocked ‘em dead. I just notified the next of kin.

Atkins-Krüger has informed me that, as the very first winner of the Medallion Award, my name “will feature permanently on the International Search Summit website – to be joined by later speakers who also deliver excellence to the event’s audiences.”

Now, I was hoping for a Life Peerage. Life peers typically have achieved wide fame prior to being ennobled. And I fancied being called The Rt Hon The Lord Jarboe. It sounds a lot better than Jarboe the Hutt or The PR Guy. But apparently I didn’t offer enough Cash for Honours.

Oh, well. At least I got some good PR. And if I’m lucky, I might even get a link.

Seriously, I want to thank everyone for their vote and/or tweet — especially David Carralon @davidcarralon, who tweeted “Greg Jarboe, the father of video marketing is now on stage.” He was wicked smart and terribly sensitive to realize that old people dislike being described in tweets as “coffin dodgers.”

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