Friday, June 5th, 2020

comScore’s Smart Control Tool To Revolutionize Digital Ad ROI Metrics ?


Market research firm has unveiled its new generation ad ROI metrics weapon, calling it Smart Control. Here’s why.

How it works
Smart Control is based on marketing mix modelling techniques and enables to avoid using the test-and-control methodology to measure impact. In comScore’s own words, “The methodology looks at the change in consumer response (either attitudinal or behavioral) by varying frequency of exposure using a Bayesian regression model, from which the “control” response (i.e. frequency = 0) is derived”.

Claimed Benefits
comScore claims in a statement that the results obtained through Smart Control are more comprehensive and accurate that other traditional methods. Specifically, the app is supposed to provide improved efficiency measurement and statistically significant results with smaller samples for homepage takeovers, integrated placements, and specific audience buys.

The market research firm reports an average lift variance 91% lower and average confidence interval 68% narrower than test-and-control methods.

So, brands, advertisers, agencies… how do you feel about Smart Control ?

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