Saturday, July 11th, 2020

BlackBerry Reportedly To Launch Tablet by December


Research In Motion, the BlackBerry manufacturer, is said to be working on a tablet device set to launch by December this year, according to Boy Genius Report, who cites “multiple” – yet unnamed – sources.


The new kid on the block, reportedly to be called ‘Cobalt’, would be a “companion device” intended for multimedia purposes, i.e. e-books, email, web browsing, photos.

The RIM tablet, believed to measure around 8.9 inches, would require connection to a BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to get on line, said Boy Genius Report.

The race is tightening, as Verizon and Google recently announced they were teaming up to rival the iPad but did not provide specifics in terms of timing or device capacities.

Watch this space…

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