Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

The Most Awesome SES NY Preparatory Guide


What to know before you go.

Why You Should Go (No, it’s not too late)

Marty Weintraub offers up 8 Reasons Why We Never Miss SES New York over at the aimClear blog.

Lee Odden two-ups Marty with his 10 Reasons SES New York is a Must-Attend Marketing Conference

Maximizing Your Time

SES NY: What Not To Miss – Noran El-Shinnawy at the Acquisio blog

SES NEW YORK 2010: Tips for Conference Newbies – Wordstream blog

How to Pack Lightly

Use Suite Arrival to send small toiletries to your hotel room, so you don’t have to go through airport security with them.

Pack half of what you think you need – 37 Signals

36 Great Tips for Keeping Travel as Simple as Possible – Zen Habits

How to Travel the World with 10 Pounds or Less – Tim Ferriss

Networking Tips

5 Steps To Conquer Any Networking Event – Stepcase Lifehack

Conference Networking – BloggingPro

7 Quick Networking Tips for Introverts


MoleskineCity: New York

If you can’t get a signal, you won’t be able to pull up your mobile map. This pocket-sized Moleskine can help you in a jam – plus it’s got pages for notes. Great for navigation and networking.

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