Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Razorfish Improves Efficiencies by 50% with Marin Search Marketer


Saving time on bidding and reporting reaps big rewards for the digital agency and software provider.

As an interactive marketing agency with clients such as Victoria’s Secret, Disney, and CapitalOne, Razorfish has to be razor sharp with the way they conduct their business. Without the right tools, search marketing can be a tedious, manual task that soaks up company time and profits.

So turned to Marin Software to streamline paid search efforts for their clients. As a result, they’ve reduced time spent on daily bidding, reporting, and campaign management by up to 50%.

The improved efficiency had a ripple effect, often turning into increased ad spends based on better ROI.

“Marin has increased efficiency for the entire search marketing team. By migrating all of our paid search accounts onto one central resource, our teams can spend more time thinking and less time executing, so they can focus on innovative ways to grow and optimize our clients’ search programs. In short, Marin allows us to deliver better service, better insight and better results,” said Matthew Greitzer, vice president of search marketing at Razorfish.

Faster reporting has been a major time saver. Clients can be demanding, rightfully so, about how their ad dollars are being spent. Marin enabled Razorfish to produce quick, timely reports and keep their clients happy.

“With Marin, I can instantly get a 360-degree view of how our search marketing program is working for our clients at a variety of levels,” said Lindsay Blankenship, director of search marketing at Razorfish. “The filter functionality allows for me to quickly sift through an account to understand performance across client KPI’s across hundreds of thousands of keywords and seamlessly generate critical reports with the click of a button, and measure ROI to the keyword level on any account at any time.”

Companies who hire interactive agencies for search marketing are increasingly sophisticated. They’re more savvy about which tools are out there and how they can impact search marketing campaigns. In fact, agencies often ask Marin to tag along on pitches to prospective clients.

“As paid search becomes increasingly complex and competitive, agencies must implement the right tools to manage and optimize extremely complex, large-scale paid search programs for their clients,” said Chris Lien, chief executive officer, Marin Software.

The success Razorfish has experienced with Marin Software are trends that echo throughout the search industry right now. Efficiency and savvy clients continue to push the drive for innovation and automation, a call being met by Marin and its agency partners.

Marin Software will have a booth at the upcoming Search Engine Strategies in New York. Be sure to stop by and say hello to their team.

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