Monday, July 6th, 2020

MapQuest Expands Mobile Version; Enables 360 View Linking


A couple of updates to one of the most popular mapping products.

has two updates for you to enjoy. One is greater access to version 2.0 of their mobile offering. Now, 40 of the most trafficked devices have access.

Included in MapQuest Mobile 2.0:

  • My Places
  • Direction
  • Maps
  • Live Traffic
  • Find Me
  • Local Search

Meanwhile, the other nifty new feature is the ability to link to 360 View. You may remember that 360 View is MapQuest’s answer to Google’s Street View.

When you’ve looked up a specific street address, click on the “Launch 360 View” in the tab that pops up on the map.

Screen shot 2010-03-16 at 11.22.12 AM.png

After 360 View loads, look to the top of the page for the Link/Embed option.

Screen shot 2010-03-16 at 11.21.24 AM.png

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