Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Leftovers: 13 Updates to Read While Your Brackets are Being Busted


If your NCAA March Madness brackets are as messed up as mine, you’ll need a distraction this weekend.

So, catch up with these stories from the week that just didn’t make it into their own post.

Analytics is now integrated into the Microsoft Silverlight framework. They also announced they are developing a global, browser-based opt-out plugin.

Google Commerce Search added advanced synonym options.

Google has added Gesture Search to versions 1.6 or higher.

! is acquiring

is expanding their local efforts.

adds “Search Along Your Route” functionality to its mobile version.

Hunch added Gideon Yu to the Board of Directors and closed a round of funding.

Google Maps for Mobile updated their Android app.

Google Reader adds “Sort by Magic” and “Search” functionality to the mobile version.

Google gets a widget on Android.

AOL launched a niche recipe search site,

Google Operating System shows us how to stop buffering annoying Justin Bieber videos on YouTube.

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