Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

US Gov’t Approves Google Analytics for Fed Websites


The move encourages federal websites to utilize cloud-based apps.

Government agencies in the U.S. can now use the free web analytics tool offered by Google. This week, Google Analytics got approval to be listed in the site, which lists approved cloud-based tools.

In the announcement on the Google Analytics blog, Google took great care to assure that privacy standards would be maintained. As you can imagine, Google having access to a bunch of web traffic data for government website might raise some privacy concerns.

Google worked with the US federal General Services Administration (GSA) to make sure Google Analytics is compatible with federal websites.

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One Response to “US Gov’t Approves Google Analytics for Fed Websites”
  1. michaeliharris01 says:

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    Does anyone knows how much the gsa federal marketing invest on this? I thought you just have to copy Google analytic code on your site and voila that’s it. What’s the fuzz all about?

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