Monday, July 6th, 2020

PPC VS SEO metrics from SES London escape into Tweetspace


Here are 10 thweet tips on Paid Search (PPC) and some metrics versus SEO from SES London 2010.

The SEO Vs PPC session was explosive as ever, with all the speakers backing up their punches with some great stats. Within moments of hearing it, theses metrics were flying around the Twitterverse.

In the list below, i’ve tried to land some of the gems. The Microsoft Adcenter blog has also done a round up of their coverage of SES London.

thweet tips ppc 1.png

thweet tips ppc decision tree 2.png

thweet tips ppc 9.png

thweet tips ppc 12.png

thweet tips ppc 13.png

thweet tips ppc 24.png

thweet tips ppc 25.png

thweet tips ppc 26.png

thweet tips seo ppc 3.png

thweet tips seoppc 5.png

thweet tips ppc 120.png

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