Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Whiteboard Friday – Domain Authority & Page Authority Metrics


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This week we’ve got a special Whiteboard Friday double feature! As you’ve probably heard, we launched our new link checker and backlink analysis tool, Open Site Explorer, this week and it makes use of some exciting new metrics: Domain Authority and Page Authority. We asked our old chum, Will Critchlow, to talk to Rand about these metrics to help everyone understand what they are, what goes into them, how to use them, and why we created them.

Domain and Page Authority Metrics Comparisons

In Part One, Will and Rand discuss how to use these metrics to gain insight and intelligence on your (and your competitors’) pages, domains, and link profiles, as well as why these metrics can be a better predictor of ranking success than others that you may have used in the past.

In Part Two, the guys dive into detail about what exactly goes into Domain Authority & Page Authority: how they were modeled, how they compare to actual search results, why your DA & PA scores may change over time, and lots of other details to help you better understand how these metrics work.

Both videos are viewable below, simply select the one you’d like to watch from the playlist on the right of the player. I’d recommend watching them in order, but it’s not necessary.

These new metrics have already been quite popular among users of Open Site Explorer, and one of the big questions is, "When can I get them in the SEOmoz Firefox Toolbar?!"  Well, surprise, surprise, we’re on top of it! They’ll be available in the new toolbar update coming out next month…here’s a sneak peek :)


mozBar February 2010 preview
New scores, new features and much more are on their way in the February version of the mozbar

If you’ve got questions about Domain or Page Authority, please leave us feedback below. We’re trying to make these metrics as useful and valuable as possible and would love your suggestions.

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