Friday, May 29th, 2020

Facebook Blocked at Work? Respond to Wall Comments via Email


has released a new email feature that will streamline the conversation process for many users. Now, when you get an notification of a comment on an update, you can respond by replying to the .

Since some employers block Facebook, this is a way to keep up with some aspects of your social networking while at work.

Social media marketers in charge of Facebook campaigns will find this an extremely efficient way of engaging with consumers.

This will also be great for you productivity/GTD junkies.

For my first try at this new feature, it did take longer than normal for the update to post. But we’re talking 30 seconds to a minute. BUT that might be a time saver if you’re on a mobile device – you know, depending on your carrier, phone, and whether you’re using an app or the mobile web to access Facebook.

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