Friday, May 29th, 2020

Google Tells FCC Only Restricting Adult Chat, Free Conference Call Lines


In response to claims by ATT that Google Voice were blocking calls, unlike other regulated services that must allow the calls that local carriers chrage high prices for, Google “engineers have developed a tailored solution for restricting calls to specific numbers engaged in what some have called high-cost “traffic pumping” schemes, like adult chat and “free” conference call lines,” their Public Policy blog stated.

Bi-partisans from both the Republican and Democratic parties have also called for a probe into the restricted calls.

Google has found that as much as 26% of their expenses for Voice come from a 100 of these “traffic pumping schemes” and called upon the to fix these loop holes that allow companies to make money at the expense of the carriers.

“While we’ve developed a fix to address this problem, the bottom line is that we still believe the Commission needs to repair our nation’s broken carrier compensation system. The current system simply does not serve consumers well and these types of schemes point up the pressing need for reform,” Google Telecom and Media Counsel Richard Whitt said.

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